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Spruce Science offers technology that is a prerequisite and essential support for technical progress in a wide spectrum of technical applications that are indispensable for modern society.

Electrospinning Machine 30kV

We design and manufacture our products in Sunnyvale, California.

Our products are fully integrated and built specifically for your convenience.

We deliver practical solutions that adds value in all phases of product development starting from bench-top experiments all the way to production.

Our products are compact, lightweight and vastly more versatile.

Our Products


You can do a lot of interesting nanoscale research with our Electrospinning Machine. There are so many amazing things to explore with this high voltage driven process of generating nanoparticles or nanofibers.

Electrospinning Machine 30kV

Benchtop High Voltage Power Supply

The stand-alone HVPS is fully integrated so you can simply plug-in and intuitively control everything from the front panel. 

Vacuum Mixer

You can now mix anything of interest in a container that is free of air with our Vacuum Mixer. You can eliminate air bubbles and prevent unwanted secondary reactions with Oxygen, Nitrogen and other atmospheric gases.

Ready to conduct intricate experiments?

Applications of high voltage technology can be found in many technical fields.

Precision High Voltage Power Supply - Bench top

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