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Vacuum Mixer from Spruce Science

Vacuum Mixer that will eliminate air bubbles

When working with a two component system with a polymeric base and a curing agent, it is important to mix the two parts completely so that the curing agent cross-links with the polymeric matrix. It is critical to stir and mix the two parts thoroughly so that the polymers are completely cross-linked.  However, when the mixing is done in open air at atmospheric pressure, bubbles are created and these air pockets are trapped inside the medium. These air bubbles are undesirable and often a problem that is to be avoided or eliminated.

The common practice to remove the air bubbles is to place the medium in a degassing vacuum chamber. By placing the medium inside a chamber that is at low pressure, the air bubbles are allowed to expand and rise to the top of the medium then eventually allowed to escape, thus effectively removing the trapped air bubbles. Pressure cycling from atmospheric pressure to low vacuum often helps to accelerate the bubble removal process. However, this two step process of mixing first then removing air bubbles is operation intensive since it requires handling of multiple equipment and time consuming because of the added layers of cleaning.

The elegant solution is to use the Vacuum Mixer from Spruce Science by mixing anything of interest in a container that is free of air. The bowl volume is pumped free of air and the mixing is carried out under low pressure in planetary motion for thorough mixing. The Vacuum Mixer will shorten processing time and increase productivity. The equipment usage is flexible and it can mix Silicone, epoxy, PDMS, other polymers, liquids, ingredients or dough.

Vacuum Mixing Benefits

The advantage of using the Vacuum Mixer is that you are able to simplify the operation by reducing the number of steps and shorten the operation time.

By mixing in an environment where air is removed, bubble
formation is prevented and the underlying problem is eliminated.
Vacuum Mixer will give you more consistent results because unwanted secondary reactions with Oxygen, Nitrogen and other
atmospheric gases are avoided.

Lift Stand Vacuum Mixer Equipment

Vacuum Mixer Spruce Science
Everything you need to mix in low pressure vacuum environment is included with this Spruce Science Vacuum Mixer. 
  • Planetary motion to mix thoroughly
  • You can mix thin and thick polymers or liquids
  • Powerful motor is great for heavy and dense mixtures
  • Adjustable mixing speeds give you direct control
  • Vacuum pump to remove air molecules from the mixing bowl
  • Analog vacuum gauge for monitoring vacuum level
  • Stainless steel bowl with comfort handle
  • 6 quart mixing bowl size

Electrical requirements:
Volts: 120 A.C.
Hertz: 60 Hz

This vacuum mixing equipment can be used with various mixing attachments .

Vacuum Mixer Spruce Science
Vacuum Mixer Spruce Science

Video Demonstration

Vacuum Mixer Spruce Science
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