Stand mixer with vacuum Capability


Stand Mixer with Vacuum Capability from Spruce Science

Stand mixer with vacuum capability will shorten processing time.

The process of mixing dough is a precursor to making a wide variety of food such as breads, pasta, noodles and other goodies. The mixing technique is important for the types of dough that is produced. In these types of processing with two or more components, it is important to mix the two parts completely so that cross-links are complete. It is critical to stir thoroughly so that ingredients are dispersed uniformly.  However, when the mixing is done in open air at atmospheric pressure, bubbles are created and these air pockets are trapped inside the medium. These tiny air bubbles can be a problem since water or flavor is unable to penetrate the medium and to overcome this problem, mixing time is often extended. 

The elegant solution is to use the stand mixer with vacuum capability from Spruce Science by mixing anything of interest in a container that is free of air. The bowl volume is pumped free of air and the mixing is carried out under low pressure in planetary motion for thorough mixing. The equipment usage is flexible and it can mix liquids, ingredients, dough or any other combinations. The stand mixer with vacuum capability will shorten processing time and increase productivity.

Stand Mixer with Vacuum Capability
Stand Mixer with Vacuum Capability

When mixing under vacuum pressure, trapped air is completely removed so water and flavors are able to penetrate the medium much more uniformly. The other advantage of using the lift stand mixer with vacuum capabilities is that under lower pressure conditions, moisture is able to penetrate much more quickly so the absorption time is quicker. In addition to quicker processing time, some other unique features will be the texture, tenderness and taste.

Another thing to consider is that by mixing in an environment where air is removed, bubble formation is prevented and will give you more consistent results because unwanted secondary reactions with Oxygen, Nitrogen and other atmospheric gases are avoided.
Above all, the benefits of mixing under vacuum pressure are waiting for you to explore with.

This vacuum mixing equipment is a lift stand mixer with vacuum capability.

Stand Mixer with Vacuum Capability
Everything you need to mix in low pressure vacuum environment is included with this lift stand mixer with vacuum capabilities. 
  • Planetary motion to mix thoroughly
  • You can mix thin and thick liquids
  • Powerful motor is great for heavy and dense mixtures
  • Adjustable mixing speeds give you direct control
  • Vacuum pump to remove air molecules from the mixing bowl
  • Analog vacuum gauge for monitoring vacuum level
  • Stainless steel bowl with comfort handle
  • 6 quart mixing bowl size

Electrical requirements:
Volts: 120 A.C.
Hertz: 60 Hz

This vacuum mixing equipment can be used with various mixing attachments .

Vacuum Mixer Spruce Science
Vacuum Mixer for Airless Mixing
Stand Mixer with Vacuum Capability
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