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Precision High Voltage Power Supply Demonstration - Electrospray Ionization Spectroscopy

Spruce Science team is committed to understanding the needs of engineers, chemists and scientists pursuing discoveries in science and technology.

A quick story on how Spruce Science got started was our interest in building something fun to explore the most fundamental building blocks of matter. From past research experience, we had the knowledge and capability to generate charged particles but we were looking to do a little extra and thought that it would be fun to visually see stream of particles so we accelerated ions to high energy levels and direct them toward fluorescence targets for visualization.

When we ran actual tests, we had a lot of arcing issues and that caused destruction to the high voltage power supply we were using. At that point, we felt like we could do better so we designed a superior circuit and after a few iterations, we had a functional precision high voltage power supply. We were then able to use the newly developed adjustable high voltage switched-mode power supply in the ion beam experiment to accomplish what we set out to do.

The precision high voltage power supply we made was quite reliable and versatile in usage for our fun little experiment and believe others will also find it useful.

Spruce Science headquarter is in Sunnyvale, California, USA. We design,
manufacture and market precision high voltage modules for scientific and
analytical instruments.

Spruce Science develop vigorously refined products so you can count on a quality product that is reliable.

Refined Product

We have completed many design iterations, built and tested countless prototypes so that we can offer a quality product that is reliable.

Quality and Reliablity

We check all details while manufacturing. We inspect each sub-module after assembly. We go all out in final test to deliver a quality product that is reliable.

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